Welcome to the Instructional Technology Site!

The Bridgewater-Raritan Regional School District infuses technology into instruction to support our curricular goals as well as enhance students' 21st-century skills of communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.

Director of Technology: Jaimee Kochis jkochis@brrsd.org 

What is an Instructional Technology Specialist? (sometimes known as a "Tech Coach" for short)


As instructional technology coaches, we help educators to integrate technology in order to meet their objectives. We offer assistance in planning, implementation, and reflection of your use of technology in the classroom (or remote learning).      


• Collaborating on lesson planning and preparation for the use of an unfamiliar instructional tech tool

• Observing, assisting, or co-teaching during a lesson

• Offering feedback on your technology use and suggestions for expansion

• Exploring advanced features of the technology tools you already use

• Discussing the “newest thing” that you’ve read about to see if it is a fit for your lesson objectives

Meet the ITSs

My name is Hillary Raszka and I have been a teacher in Bridgewater for the past 10 years working in both general education and in-class resource classrooms. I believe incorporating technology into the classroom can extend learning outcomes, engage students in meaningful ways, and create a community of 21st-century learners. I currently live in Bridgewater with my husband and daughter, Layla.

Hello! My name is Katie Ursino and I have been serving as an educator for about 
two decades from grades K-8 while working in many settings including inclusive, SIOP, Title I, and self-contained programs. My goal as your Instructional Technology Specialist is to help support and enrich teaching and learning in a quickly-advancing world. Strengthening the technology skills of the staff can be done through hands-on experience both in and out of your classrooms. A collective hope is that the already-existent skills you are already doing in your classrooms each day can be amplified with the help of technology. I would love to meet with you to bounce ideas around, enhance what you already know, and to learn about new tools for lesson implementation. Please feel free to reach out!