Here you will find information about what we will be learning in our class this term. 

You can also find many awesome activities which make supporting your learning fun!!

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Upcoming Events:

  • Monday 22nd July: Start day of Term 3.
  • Thursday 25th July 100th Day of School - Dress up like we are 100 years old and the shared lunch
  • ASB Getwise Money session - Wednesday 25th September
  • Year 2 classes hosting the Full School Assembly: Friday 27th September
  • Last day of Term 2: Friday 27th September.
  • Inquiry topic -  100 Days at School celebrations, "Mix it Up"  A science Unit,  Kia Kaha - Anti Bullying, Keeping Ourselves Safe
  • Art - painting, Pastel and Dye
  • Maths -  Addition and Subtraction, Money Week, Measurement - Length, area, Proportions and ratios     
  • PE - Gymnastics, Get-Set-Go - throwing and catching