Welcome to Year 3 - Term 3 2019

 Important Dates        

22nd of July

Term 3 Begins

16th of August

Year 3 Assembly

26th  of September

ASB Getwise Roadshow





Welcome back to Term 3, 2019!

Please read with your family.

We hope that you had a wonderful holiday and are ready for another exciting term of learning.


In Maths, you will begin the term by revisiting addition and subtraction. You will then turn your attention to multiplication and division. In the second half of the term, the focus will turn to proportions and ratios. You will also be learning about measurement. Please remember to keep practicing your basic facts at home this term.    


Our Oral Language programme will continue this term. Each class tends to run their oral language program a little differently. Oral language helps to build students confidence in public speaking and is also a great opportunity for students to share new learning on a range of topics. Your teacher will let you know exactly what you need to do.  


Read Read Read ...  please continue to read at home every day and check to make sure you have filled in your homework reading log (this is your job!). You will get a reading book home each Monday to Thursday.  Remember to return your reading book to school each day. On Friday you will get to take your Poetry folder home to share with your family. Library – Check with your teacher when your class goes to the library. So long as you return your library books, you will get to take 2 books home each week.


In Writing, you will start the term by revisiting recounts writing. You will then learn how to use descriptive writing. In the second half of the term, you will learn how to write instructions and explanations. We will have an ongoing focus on spelling, grammar, handwriting and proofreading/editing.  

The Wonders of Water! this term for our topic you will engage in a series of science experiments to learn about water in its three states of matter. This topic is a true favourite among many students! In Kia Kaha, you will continue to learn about ways that you can develop respectful relationships with others.


It's Calendar Art Time! This term you will have so much fun creating a beautiful piece of work for our Calendar art.


In Sport, this term you will participate and learn some key skills in Gymnastics.

Busy, busy, busy ... you will continue to learn music, drama and dance throughout the year with Mrs Warren, our Music teacher. You will also continue to learn Te Reo Maori with Mrs Isgrove. 



Spelling Tests will continue to run on a weekly basis.   

Reading - Daily 

Maths - Prototec basic facts sheets and Mathletics


Parents, please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or issues to discuss.  Here's to another great term!


Many thanks from the Year 3 Team

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