2012 Campaign Information

The School District of Brown Deer's 2012 Combined Giving Campaign begins October 3rd.
In past campaigns, Brown Deer employees have generously supported a variety of community organizations, and we hope that  we can count on your continued support this year.  The Combined Giving Campaign provides an opportunity for employees to contribute to Community Health Charities of Wisconsin, Community Shares of Greater Milwaukee, United Way of Greater Milwaukee, as well as area Education Foundations.  Every gift, regardless of the amount makes a difference.  Please consider giving this year. 

Your contribution may be made by cash, check, credit card, or payroll deduction.  If you would like to make your contribution through a payroll deduction, you have the following options:

1.    A one-time deduction (which will be made January 20, 2013)

2.    Ten (10), eleven (11), or twelve (12) deductions, depending on the number of months you work (deductions would begin January 20, 2013  and will be made once a month, on the “20th” payroll)

You may make a contribution to any organization/agency in the booklet, or any qualified organization that is not included in the booklet, by listing it in Section 4 D of the donor form.  If you are unsure, please contact the organization/agency to be verify that they are a 501(c)(3) agency before making that designation.  If you are interested in supporting another agency right in Brown Deer, you may want to consider the Brown Deer Scholarship Foundation #1195.  

As we continue to 'go green', more information is being made available online, instead of in hard copy.  You will be provided a copy of the donor form and a listing of the participating agencies, but limited copies of the booklet with the descriptions of the organizations will be available in the school offices, work rooms, and online.  All forms and information will be available for review or download on this site.

Please turn in your form to the school office by Friday, October 19th.  All donors will be entered in a drawing the following week.

If you have any questions or problems, please call (ext 6767) or email me.

Thank you,
Kim Chizek
Combined Giving Campaign Coordinator