Current District Student Achievement Goals, 2014-2015

Goal 1:  All students will demonstrate growth and exceed individual scores on district assessments to meet proficiency standards.

Goal 2:  All students taking the WKCE/Smarter Balanced will demonstrate growth and meet or exceed individual proficiency scores on state assessments.

Goal 3:  Increase student performance to narrow achievement gaps of subgroups across the district using on-going assessment, progress monitoring, differentiated instruction, interventions and other culturally responsive practices.

Goal 4:  All students will be at appropriate grade level in reading and math by the end of 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 9th grade.

Goal 5:  Increase student ACT composite score each year to attain top half among Woodland Conference schools.

Goal 6:  Increase percentage of students taking Advanced Placement classes and percentage of students earning an AP test score of three (3) or above; attaining top half among Woodland Conference schools.

Goal 7:  All students will graduate high school with personalized learning profiles/plans to connect their learning to opportunities that support college, vocational, and/or career pathways.