Ugur Cetintemel
  Professor and Chair
  Brown Computer Science 

  Box 1910, 115 Waterman Street
  Room 473, CIT building, 
  Providence, RI 02912

  Voice: + 1 401 863 7601  
  Fax   : + 1 401 863 7657


  • Databases systems, distributed systems
  • Big data tools and systems
  • Streaming processing, continuous analytics
      Active Projects:
  • DBNav: Enabling interactive exploration of large datasets
  • Longview: Supporting and leveraging predictive analytics in modern data systems
  • SciDB: Array-oriented DBMS for data-intensive science
  • Tupleware: Next-gen analytics platform for data-intensive vis and machine learning


Recent Service
  • PC Co-Chair (Research): VLDB'12, DEBS'10
  • PC Area Vice-Chair (Streams, Sensors, CEP): ICDE'12, ICDE'08
  • General Co-Chair: SIGMOD'09
  • Associate Editor: VLDB Journal, Distributed and Parallel Databases
  • PC Member: CIDR'13, SIGMOD'11, CIDR'11, VLDB'10, VLDB'09, ICDE'09, CIDR'09

Recent Articles (more complete list at dblp)