Shreyas Mandre

Assistant Professor
School of Engineering
Brown University, Box D
182 Hope Street
Providence RI 02912
Office: Barus and Holley Room 443, 
182-184 Hope Street, 
Providence RI 02912

Phone: 401 863 2602
Email: shreyas_mandre[1] 
Lab: Prince Lab 112

Teaching: (Spring 2017) Interfacial phenomena

Natural phenomena and engineering design usually depend on a large number of parameters, and their scientific enquiry is fraught with the possibility of too many such parameters. Furthermore, for many cases, these parameters lie in an extreme regime, which cannot be captured adequately by numerical solutions. Computational studies, therefore, frequently remain suggestive but inconclusive.

In this course, we present asymptotic and perturbation methods as an alternative method of inquiry, which complements numerical methods. Asymptotic and perturbation methods help build accurate intuition about the phenomena under consideration, and the analytical nature of the method leads to conclusive result. These methods have recently seen a revival in the scientific literature with enormous success. Key examples from the literature will also be considered.

Shreyas Mandre