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On the road!
We’re very excited about our longitudinal study!  Families that participate may even be visited by our new mobile van!  The purpose of this project is to learn how skills for language and thinking that babies acquire very early in life are related to individual differences in language development through the preschool years ( from 2 to 60 months).   We will be following one group of full-term babies and another group of preterm babies.  We’ll collect several types of observations. These include: annual surveys of information about your household, periodic recordings of speech that your baby hears, tests of language and thinking, assessments of your child’s hearing, parental reports on your child’s language development, and standardized tests of your child’s language development.  Although there is no actual individual assessment of the children going through the study,
 a better understanding of full-term and preterm development may help others identify and treat babies who are not developing as expected.