Panel 1: Food Chain
An activist chef and food studies scholar, an urban farmer/poet and a 
local food provider come together to discuss issues of nurturance, access and sustainability for our shared land

SCOTT BARTON, chef and food studies scholar
LAURA BROWN-LAVOIE, co-founder of Sidewalk Ends Farms, plus poet and educator
JESSE RYE, co-executive director of Farm Fresh RI
                                                      Moderator: GERI AUGUSTO, PhD, visiting associate professor of International 
                                                      and Public Affairs, and Africana Studies, and interim director of Development
                                                      Studies at Brown University

Panel 2: Contoured Land
A civil rights activist who uses the construct of museum and memorial to
re-narrate the cultural landscape teams up with an artist who pioneered
art in the public realm and a professor of art history and environmental 
studies and former park ranger

KIARA BOONE, deputy director of community education at Equal Justice Initiative
MARY MISS, pioneering artist of the land and environmental art movement
                                                      EMILY SCOTT, PhD, assistant professor of art history and environmental studies at the
                                                      University of Oregon
                                                      Moderator: CRAIG BARTON, university architect and professor of practice at Brown

Closing Conversation: Planting Seeds
Brown faculty members and contemporary art curator share perspectives on
the University's legacy and relationship to land, and efforts to increase
understanding of historical impacts on culture and society

 GERI AUGUSTO, PhD, visiting associate professor of International and Public Affairs,
 and Africana Studies at Brown University
 B. ANTHONY BOGUES, PhD, professor of humanities and critical theory, and director
 of the Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice at Brown University
                                                       ELIZABETH HOOVER, PhD, associate professor of American Studies at Brown University
                                                       and faculty chair, Native American and Indigenous Studies Initiative steering committee
                                                       KATE KRACZON, curator at Brown University's David Winton Bell Gallery

More detailed bios for all speakers can be found here.

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