Virtual Classroom

What is a Virtual Classroom?

A virtual classroom is one that can be accessed using an internet connection and a browser.  It allows you to augment your class time so that students can have access to audio, video, files and more by joining synchronous and asynchronous learning environments.
Adobe® Connect™  will allow you to deliver narrated presentations, engaging video, audio and interactive multimedia course material that students can view in real time or on demand — with no additional downloads.

With Connect, you can:
  • Upload and share media-rich PDF files directly from your virtual classroom
  • Use your own phone network to communicate during meetings (no additional charge)
  • Create and deliver interactive online courses and training (other software may be needed)
  • Easily create and customize virtual classrooms
  • Easily organize virtual classroom flow and content using customizable layouts
  • Use breakout rooms to focus discussions within your virtual classroom
  • Enable all learners to interact with content simultaneously
  • Provide the same interactivity as a live course in recorded sessions
  • more...

How is this different than Lecture Capture?

A big difference is that with Adobe Connect, you can make your classroom live.  Our current lecture capture service, Echo360, doesn't allow live broadcasting. 
Another difference is the fact that with Connect you can allow your "virtual students" the ability to share their audio, video, applications and even their entire computer.