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Best of WebCT 2006

Instructor: Prof. Annie Wiart
Course: FR 50: Writing and Speaking French I

Description: The page included a syllabus, calendar, links to external resources, readings and associated guides, assignment instructions, films, and a discussion board. The discussion board was used to post student work and ask questions about the reading to which the professor and other students would respond. Content was categorized for easy navigation. The course had a friendly design and was visually appealing.

What students said about the course:
"I am extremely impressed at the amount of information and resources available on the site. I check the calendar regularly because I know that it is updated with any new piece of information we might need. For the two films we have had to watch outside of class, it was extremely helpful to have them available online for easy viewing wherever our laptops may take us, unlike for some other classes where the only option is to go to the Media Center."

"Annie is perhaps the most enthusiastic professor I have met at Brown. She made this class incredibly fun, integrating materials of all sorts into the curriculum to ensure that it appealed to everyone in the class. MyCourses made this possible by providing an underlying coordinating structure to give students access to these many varied materials."

"I believe that the site was very organized, helpful, and user-friendly. This reflects the professor in that she was always prepared, available, attentive to our needs, very approachable, and willing to help us with any assignment."

"Basically every tool we could possibly need outside of class was available on MyCourses."

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