Workshops and Consultations

Showcase Award 2011

Instructor: Douglas Burtt
Course: BIOL3662: Integrated Medical Sciences III - Cardiovascular

What students said about the course:
"Dr. Burtt's use of technology was quite helpful."
"He truly has set a fantastic precedent for medical education at our new building!"
"I truly think he should be commended for his innovative use of technology."

Instructional Technologist's Comments:
Professor Burtt’s ability to manage classroom technology is remarkable. He has created interactive and informative course materials that are used during the live lecture and can be accessed by the students for self-directed study. The course graphics include vibrant images as well as audio (heart sounds).

Professor Burtt adeptly used a range of classroom technologies (including PowerPoints with multiple screens and annotations, video & audio material, Flash-simulations, and iPad applications) that greatly impacted his students learning. The technologies he used enabled the students learning from multiple modalities by including visual displays (e.g. split screens), simulations and classroom audio as well as iPad apps that allowed for hands-on learning during problem-based learning sessions (e.g. asking students to calculate the risk of strokes).