Workshops and Consultations

Collaboration and Communication Award 2009

Instructor: Prof. Kiri Miller
Course: MUSC 0062: Musical Youth Cultures

Description: A cross-cultural examination of music-oriented youth subcultures. Topics included youth-produced vs. youth-consumed music, club culture and associated media technologies, online communities, activist musical collectives, student organizations, and concepts of the mainstream vs. the underground. Students undertook ethnographic projects and used web-based multimedia to present their findings.

What students said about the course:
Every week, the wiki contained a wealth of student-posted material to facilitate in-class discussion and a general understanding of the week's topic. Once during the semester, each student had to serve as a discussion leader. However, this process was made very simple by the use of the wiki and the simplicity of linking youtube videos and other resources. On the whole, it made students personally responsible for their contributions to class.

Prof. Miller's comments:
Instructional technology tools allowed me to acknowledge and build on students' experience with multimedia technology and social networking sites (a crucial aspect of their own musical lives). A central course wiki and individual research blogs for every student got us out of the blind alley of PowerPoint and onto the web in every class.
Professor Kiri Miller