Workshops and Consultations

Collaboration and Communication 2008

Instructor: Prof. Cristina Abbona-Sneider
Course: ITAL 0600: Writing and Speaking Italian II

Description: In addition to her MyCourses page, Prof. Abbona-Sneider's class uses wikis to write collaborative stories in Italian. Students were divided into two groups, each of which started with the same story opening. They wrote the story collectively, adding material while correcting the current draft - their own contributions and their classmates' contributions. Students produced numerous versions of their story, editing constantly for grammar, for syntax, and for coherence. The experience engaged students intellectually while stimulating their creativity; they learned in the best way possible - together.

What students said about the course:
"Discussion topics were always stated on the online discussion board but my nomination focuses primarily on the introduction of Wiki into the course as an innovative and creative way to not only test our creative writing skills but more importantly test our knowledge of the Italian language- by forcing us to correct other mistakes and to fabricate a complex story in Italian, boundaries were pushed and I commend Professor Abbona-Sneider for encouraging this development."

"Cristina has a love for technology and would always pull up a news video on Youtube or on various Italian News webpages about the elections that took place during the course of the semester. Later in the semester we read through blogs of a very well known journalist, Severgnini and were encouraged to write our own questions to him. Overall the use of multimedia in the class has been highly beneficial to my learning of Italian culture and language."
Professor Cristina Abbona-Sneider