Teaching with Technology Awards

Program: Each year the Instructional Technology Group presents the Teaching with Technology Award to instructors whose courses have been nominated by students, faculty and staff for the most effective use of technology in advancing teaching and learning goals. The award is co-sponsored by CIS and the Dean of the College.

Criteria: The awards are judged according to two categories:

Model Courses
This category awards instructors who have carefully designed their courses to teach effectively. Pedagogy and online course design were considered when introducing technology into the classroom. The course was carefully crafted to integrate technology to engage students and enhance student learning on multiple levels.

Showcase award
The TWTA Review committee recognizes the work of instructors who consistently use technology effectively and continue to adapt innovative methods of teaching in an ever changing learning environment.

Other questions and areas for considerations:
  • In what ways did the instructor foster student collaboration in the course or facilitate discussion?
  • Did the instructor engage learners through the effective use of multimedia?
  • Did learners participate in creating multimedia projects?
  • What sort of materials were available (syllabus, lecture notes, links to external resources)?
  • Did the instructor make use of the Library's electronic resources?
  • Did the course have video, audio or other unique features?
  • Was the course well organized and visually appealing?
  • Did the course have online assessments or assignments?
  • In what ways did the students engage technology to demonstrate their own learning?
  • In what ways would the course have been different without technology?

Review of nominations:  We request the participation of students, staff and faculty from across all areas of the university. In the past our review panel has included:

  • Brown Undergraduate Student
  • CIS - AT - ITG
  • Dean of the College
  • Faculty - past award winner
  • Sheridan Center
  • University Library

Winners: Winners receive an award at the annual University Award Ceremony to recognize their efforts and give them a chance to discuss their work with the ceremony attendees.

Teaching with Technology Awards 2013

  • Andrew Pennock, PPAI 0700J and PPAI 2030, Model Course Award
  • Lara Stein Pardo, AMST 1903H, Model Course Award
  • Alexandrina Algoro, ETHN 0090B, Model Course Award
  • James Head, GEOL 0050, Model Course Award
  • Mark Suchman, SOC 1311, Showcase Award

Teaching with Technology Awards 2012

  • Ross E. Cheit, POLS 1740 The Politics of Food- Communication & Collaboration
  • Ira B. Wilson, PHP 0310 Heath Care in the United States, Use of Multimedia
  • Michael L. Satlow, JUDS 1410 The Talmud, Use of Multimedia
  • Fiery A. Cushman, CLPS 0700 Social Psychology, Course Design
  • Arthur R. SalomonBIOL 0280 Introductory Biochemistry, Showcase Award

Teaching with Technology Awards 2011 (photos)

  • Madhumita LahiriENGL1761W Modern South Asia: Literature and Theory - Communication & Collaboration  
  • Casey Dunn, BIOL0410 Invertebrate Zoology  - Multimedia
  • Thomas Serre, CLPS1520 Computational Vision - Course Design 
  • Richard Bungiro, BIOL0530 Principles of Immunology - Showcase Award
  • Douglas Burtt, BIOL3662 Integrated Medical Sciences III - Cardiovascular    - Showcase Award
Teaching with Technology Awards 2010 (photos)
  • Jane Sokolosky, GRMN 0400: Intermediate German II - Collaboration and Communication
  • Wendy Hui Kyong Chun, MCM 0230: Digital Media - Use of Multimedia
  • Ofira Shraga, SOC 1060: Leadership in Organizations - Showcase
  • Konstantinos Kornetis, HIST 1972E: Word of Mouth: Orality and Memory in Historiography and Documentary Film - Showcase
Teaching with Technology Awards 2009
  • Kiri Miller, MUSC 0062: Musical Youth Cultures - Collaboration and Communication
  • Ken Miller, John Stein, and Jody Hall, BIOL 0200: The Foundation of Living Systems - Course Design
  • James Green, HIST 1670: History of Brazil - Course Design
  • Ipek Tureli, HIAA 1890F: From Worlds in Miniature to Miniature Worlds: Theming and Virtuality - Use of Multimedia
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Teaching with Technology Awards 2007
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