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The Instructional Technology Integration Program (iTip)

The Instructional Technology Integration Program (iTip) offered by the Instructional Technology Group supports instructors as they explore technology to enrich their teaching practices and effectively engage student learning through integrated instructional design.

During this certificate program, instructors choose structured tracks that focus on infusing technology into distinct areas of teaching and learning through hands-on workshops. 

The following tracks will be offered:
  • Track 1 - Digital Course Management
  • Track 2 - Student Class Engagement
  • Track 3 - Active/Flipped Learning
  • Track 4 - Communications
  • Track 5 - Supporting Faculty
The individual workshops and overall tracks will:
  • Provide hands-on technical trainings on a range of common to cutting-edge use of technology tools and programs
  • Chart a clear pathway for aligning pedagogical goals with technology and instructional application
  • Empower instructors to become confident in their technical skills and independent in their exploration and integration of technology into their teaching
Participants will:
  • Learn to match technology tools to pedagogical objectives
  • Apply design strategies and tools into their instructional practice 
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of instructional technology application and design 
  • Develop methods for assessment and student projects using technology
  • Receive certificate of completion stating accomplishments in aligning integration of technology tools with pedagogy

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