Smart Technology allows instructors and students to annotate and control computer presentations including PowerPoint during their lectures, saving the presentation with the notes. The annotated presentations can be made available to students for review outside of class or saved for future use by faculty.
Brown University has several types of Smart Technology: Smart Whiteboards and Smart Podiums. Smart Whiteboards can be found in several seminar style classrooms on campus, while the Smart Podiums are found in most large lecture halls. Each of these tools also utilizes the Smart Notebook Software to create an electronic whiteboard space complete with many interactive features.

To request a classroom equipped with Smart Technology for a credited academic course, please contact Mary Martino (863-1702) in the Registrar's Office or visit the Classroom Request Form.

SmartBoards or SmartPodiums are currently installed in the following rooms:

Kassar House
Foxboro Auditorum
001 and 004
J. Walter Wilson
102, 303, 403 and 503

To learn more about Smart Technologies, visit their website: