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What is contains official Banner course descriptions. Additional instructor-provided information can be added to expand on the requirements, expectations, grading system, etc. of the course. The course pages are intended to be a source of information for students during shopping period.

Due to heavy demand, it may take up to 24 hours for your syllabus to appear on the course information page at

This is one of three places where students can get information about classes:
  1. Banner: complete listing of all Brown courses; the course catalog
  2. Canvas: course websites created by instructors
  3. pages: Banner information plus additional information supplied by instructors including syllabi and access to Canvas.
How do I access course material during shopping period?
**NOTE: Faculty must publish their Canvas site to allow students access to material. 
**NOTE: Students must register in Banner before the end of shopping period to become officially enrolled in Canvas. 
  • Students must navigate to
  • Click on the Log in button on the right.
  • Enter a search term (department, course code, instructor, etc.) in the Search box.
  • If a course has a published Canvas course, students can click on "Access Canvas" next to the course information.
    • A notification will appear that will remind students they must register for the course officially in Banner, and that their temporary access ends after Shopping period.
  • Click on "View Canvas" after requesting access. This will bring them to Canvas and they will see your course information.
  • When finished shopping, students can "Remove Access to Canvas" by returning to and clicking on the link before the "View Canvas" button. 
Student instructions can also be found on our Shopping Period Access to Canvas page.

How can I upload a Syllabus to my Course Preview Page?
You can upload your syllabus from the Academic Services Gateway.
  • Log in with your Brown username and password.
  • When you log in, you will see a list of the courses for which you are the "Instructor of record." If you are not the instructor, you may request tools on his or her behalf. See the Academic Services Gateway page for more details.
  • Select a course from the list, then click Upload Syllabus.
  • Select the document you want to upload and click the Open button. The file must be smaller than 20 MB. Your syllabus will be uploaded and connected to, your Canvas course site, and your Banner course description. It will replace any previous versions of your syllabus that were formerly available on your page. It will only overwrite the previous Syllabus file in Canvas if the filename is the same.
Course preview pages must have a description in Banner in order to be listed on the course preview page directory. If a course is not listed in Banner, the Instructor should contact the Registrar's Office. If the course is in Banner but not listed on the course preview page directory, the instructor should contact

  • Who has access to
    The site is globally visible, however access to Canvas materials is restricted to Brown University students.

  • How do students get access to my Canvas site?
    Once they find your course in courses.brown, on the right hand side of the page, the students will need to click on the ‘Access Canvas’ to gain access as a shopper. Please allow 5-10 minutes for the student to be added to the Canvas course.

  • How long do students have access to my Canvas site?
    Students will have access to the Canvas site for two weeks during shopping period. All non-registered students who requested access to the course(s) will be removed at the end of shopping period.

  • How can I tell the difference between shoppers and registered students?
    From your Canvas course site, click on “Registration Info” from the left navigation menu. This page will allow you to differentiate students that have officially registered for this course in Banner from those who have requested guest access for the duration of shopping period. The page will list all Banner registered students and non-registered shoppers who have access to your course.

  • What happens after shopping period ends?
    All non-registered students will be removed from the course automatically at the end of shopping period. Information submitted by students who have officially registered via Banner will be retained.