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Wendy Chun - Making the most of Multimedia

Wendy Hui Kyong Chun

Professor of Modern Culture and Media
MCM 0230
Digital Media
Spring 2010

Objectives:  This course aimed to get students to think critically about new media in part by using new media, so technology was central to the course.  Rather than simply being tools, the technology became objects that we also analyzed. 
Outcomes:  The students got a richer sense of why new media mattered. I believe it is crucial to start with where the students are—to work with their preconceptions and their remarkable insights—rather than to flood them with information or critical theory. Using their blog posts in lecture also gave them a sense that their questions mattered so they really did use the blog space to think through ideas and to respond to their peers’ questions. The student work in general was fantastic. For a wonderful example of a response to assignment #1, please see Alice Hines’ assignment ( -- this was for a different version of the class (2008), but I used it as an example for the students in 2010. Also, for the group project, Fiona Condon, Paul Kernfeld, and Alp Ozcelik produced a tool for students to post comments / questions during lecture, which I used during a few lectures. 
Methods:  Video Clips/Websites, Prezi, Second Life, Blog