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Ofira Shraga - Video assignments help students practice behavior analysis

Ofira Shraga

Adjunct Lecturer in Sociology
SOC 1060
Leadership in Organizations Spring 2010

Objectives:  To effectively learn coaching techniques, a student must be able to observe his/her behavior and evaluate a coaching session involving real people and real problems. Video is the best way to capture a session and analyze a student's behavior. What tools can be leveraged to provide easy video capturing, peer review, and media storage/distribution?
Outcomes:  The goal of this exercise is to have the students:
1. Perform the exercise, coach another person through a problem -- doesn’t need to come to a resolution, but just needs to make sure the coachee understands that his/her problem is resolvable/bring a new perspective.
2. Analyze the behavior of coachee and coach
3. Discuss effectiveness of session.

* To provide students with the experience of coaching and be able to analyze their behaviors.
* To use real examples of students in class of effective techniques (students must volunteer his/her content)
* To use students existing knowledge and equipment to produce videos.
* To provide video standards for easiest distribution/collection
Methods:  iTunes U, Flip cameras/video capturing mobile devices
Recommendations:  Limit enrollment to less than 50 -- 260 became a logistical problem more than anything else. Figure out a better distribution source (iTunes was limiting and inflexible), allow for asynchronous peer evaluation.