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Ipek Türeli - Delivering Student Research using Multimedia

A. Ipek Türeli

Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow
History of Art &  Architecture
HIAA 1890F
Miniature Worlds
Spring 2010

Ipek Tureli - Miniature Worlds

Objectives:  To document the research process using video as the medium for final delivery.
Outcomes:  Although they had no prior technical training in digital video production, and no methodological familiarity with ethnography (the course was taught in an art history department), they were able to conduct insightful and original research and to relate this successfully, using the medium of digital film, producing well-crafted films that were of exhibition quality. The students themselves chose to exhibit their film in a gallery setting, and designed posters and flyers to publicize the event. Here is the poster designed by one of the students, Nathaniel Walker.

The end-of-semester class show took place at the Carriage House Gallery of the John Nicholas Brown Center, from December 8 to December 22, 2009 – thanks to the generosity of the Center Director Prof. Steven Lubar who contributed to the course, in numerous ways including a guest lecture, and the friendly and helpful staff at the Center. The exhibition opened with a well-attended reception where students individually introduced their work. They invited not only their friends, faculty but also family members.  This project ended up being something they were proud to show off!

It is difficult to assess the long-term outcomes so early but, one student submitted his film to a national student video competition.  While the student who worked on Waterfire, is applying to fellowships to explore further urban festivals that are themed.  Another was so inspired by the course that he decided to apply to and ended up getting the ATT fellowship (at Brown) to pursue ethnographic film making on indigenous sports in Ireland, although this, admittedly, was not on his horizon before he took the course. 
Methods:  MyCourses was used for collaboration and communication within the class.  The multimedia video assignment was used for the final project.  Brown’s Multimedia Labs and expertise was used to produce multimedia works.
Public blog:[] was used for communication with the general public.
Recommendations:  In order for an undertaking such as this one to be successful it is essential to remain in contact with the immensely helpful staff at ITG, MML, and the John Nicholas Brown Center. They facilitated access to technology tools. I would like to especially thank Giovanna Roz Gastaldi of ITG who participated and devoted time to the organization of the course during the summer, and Edrex Fontanilla of MML who devoted an extraordinary amount of time and contributed positive energy to the assessment of student work by participating in review sessions and teaching the lab sessions.