Embedding Media in Course Content

When you use the Rich Content Editor in Canvas to do things like submit assignments, post discussions, and add pages, you can embed media like audio, video, and images in your submission.
  • Enter and format text as you would in a standard word processor.
  • Select text and click the link icon to link text to a URL. Enter the URL in the popup window. To remove the link, click the broken link icon.
  • Select a course page or a course file from the list on the right to link to course content.
  • Click the table icon to add a table.
  • Click the pi icon to add a mathematical equation.
  • Click the picture icon to add an image. Enter the URL of the image in the popup window or search Flickr creative commons and select an image from the search results. Or select an image from the list of course images on the right.
  • Click the video reel icon to record audio or video using your computer's microphone or webcam or upload an audio or video file from your computer.
  • Select Switch Views to view the HTML format of of your content. You can paste the embed code from a YouTube video to embed a YouTube video in your content. To access this code, navigate to the video on YouTube, click the Share button below the video, click the Embed button that appears, and copy the code in the box that appears to paste in the content box.
  • Select Attach to choose a file from your computer to attach to your content.