Setting Notification Preferences

You can set your own notification preferences to determine how frequently and through what methods Canvas will notify you of different types of activities that happen in your courses.

Accessing Notification Preferences

  • Log into Canvas.
  • Select your name in the top right-hand corner of the screen to view your profile.
  • Select the Notifications tab on the side of the screen.
This page lists every type of notification you can receive from Canvas and allows you to customize how and when you want to receive each notification:

Selecting Different Notification Methods

You can set different ways of being notified for each type of notification, such as announcements, appointment and cancellations, depending on which services you’ve registered with Canvas. Click here for a list defining these notification types. The standard methods of notification are via email or text message.

  • Change the settings in the Email Address column to modify the settings for notifications to your email.
  • Change the settings in Cell Number column to modify the settings for texting notifications to your phone.
  • To register a new email address or phone number, go to Settings and select Add Email Address or Add Contact Method.

You can receive notifications through other channels as well, depending on what services you have registered with Canvas on your profile. For example, if you choose to register your Facebook account with Canvas, you’ll have the option to receive Facebook notifications regarding your Canvas activity. Click here to learn how to register your Facebook account. Click here to learn how to register your Twitter account.

Setting the Frequency of Notification

Set the frequency for each type of notification by selecting the icons for As Soon As Possible, Daily, Weekly, or Never corresponding to the notification type on the left.

Save your preferences when you’re finished. You can always change them if you feel you receive too much email from Canvas or if you feel that you are not kept abreast of course activity as much as you would prefer.

Learn how to edit your profile here to personalize other features of your Canvas account.