Canvas organizes the grades for each of your courses and even allows you to play around with your scores on ungraded assignments to help you predict your final grade.

Viewing Grades

  • Log into Canvas.
  • Select Grades from the horizontal menu on the top of the page to view a list of your total grades in each of your courses.
  • Select one of the courses from the list to view a more in-depth grade breakdown.

On each course’s Grades page, you can see a list of assignments, along with their due dates, your score, and the grading scale. If an assignment has already been graded, your score will appear accordingly.

  • Click the Show All Details button in the right toolbar to view how well you scored on an assignment compared to other students in your class.

Predicting your Final Grade

For ungraded assignments, you can test different scores on different assignments to see how these scores could affect your overall grade.

  • Uncheck the Calculate based only on graded assignments box in the right sidebar to include ungraded assignments.
  • Click on the dash in the score column of an ungraded assignment and a text box will appear.
  • Enter any given score in the box. Canvas will calculate how this score would affect your grade within that assignment's assignment group as well as your total grade.
  • Click on the Revert to actual score button to see your actual total scores and clear any hypothetical scores that you have entered.

Including ungraded assignments can substantially lower your final grade, and removing them will offer a more optimistic and practical view of your performance in the class.

Assignment and Grade Comments

A dialog box will appear next to an assignment in your gradesheet if a teacher or peer reviewer has commented on one of your assignments. Select the dialog box to view the comments.