Editing Your Profile

Canvas allows you to customize your profile by uploading a profile picture; setting your name, language, and time; and specifying how you wish to be contacted.

Accessing your profile

  • Select the Settings link or click on your name in top right-hand corner of the page to navigate to your profile.

  • To add or change your profile picture, select your current picture next to your name. If you don't have a picture, the box will be empty.
  • Pick from profile pictures you've used in the past or upload a new profile picture. After selecting your picture, click on Select Image to set it as your profile picture.

Editing Your Profile

  • Click on Edit Settings on the right sidebar to edit your full name, display name, time zone, and language setting. 


  • Note that your 'Full Name' is used by instructors when grading your assignments and your 'Display Name' is used when posting in discussions with fellow students. While Brown sets your time zone automatically, if you are traveling or away from school, change the time zone to accurately display due dates and times.
  • Click on Update Profile when you are finished.

Adding Contact Information

You can add additional contact information through your profile.


  • Select Add Email Address to enter a new email address through which Canvas can notify you.
  • Select Add Contact Method under Other Contacts to add your mobile phone number.
    • Enter your 10-digit phone number and cellular carrier in the popup box.
    • You should receive a text with a confirmation code. Enter this code into the Confirm SMS box or select Re-send Confirmation if you did not receive one.
    • You can remove your registered cell number by clicking on the trash icon next to your 10-digit number.
For more information on setting your notification preferences, click here

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