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Shopping Period and Canvas Courses

In accordance with the Brown Curriculum, shopping period provides students the ability to explore subject matters in line with his/her interests. Instructors can grant students access to Canvas course materials during shopping period, which also allows students to submit assignments. 

1. Shopping using

**NOTE: Faculty must publish their course site to allow students access to material. 
**NOTE: Students must register in Banner before the end of shopping period to become officially enrolled in Canvas. 
  • Students must navigate to
  • Click on the Log in button on the right.
  • Enter a search term (department, course code, instructor, etc.) in the Search box.
  • If a course has a published Canvas course, students can click on "Access Canvas" next to the course information.
    • A notification will appear that will remind students they must register for the course officially in Banner, and that their temporary access ends after Shopping period.
  • Click on "View Canvas" after requesting access. This will bring them to Canvas and they will see your course information.
  • At the end of shopping, students can "Remove Access to Canvas" by returning to and clicking on the link before the "View Canvas" button. 
There may be a short delay between the time a student clicks on "Access Canvas" and the time they are granted access to Canvas.
Access to course syllabi and course materials are only available to students using Faculty may still gain access to their Canvas site using
More information and frequently asked questions can be found on the information page.

2. Publicly viewable course content 

**NOTE: "Public means public to Brown users only, not publicly available to the world"
Note: students can not participate in discussions nor can they submit assignments
  • Visitors have access to left navigation tools (except Grades, People, Chat, and Conferences)
  • Visitors can see Assignment details but cannot submit an Assignment
  • Visitors can view course Files (Docs, PDFs, PowerPoints, images)
  • The course is not searchable by people outside Brown via Google or other search engines. It is only accessible by the direct URL that you provide to the course.
How do I make my course publicly viewable?
  • Log into Canvas:
  • Select your course from the "Courses" top navigation.
  • From the left toolbar, select the "Settings" tool.
  • Under "Course Details", click on the "Edit Course Details" button.
  • Under the "Visibility" option, select the checkbox:
    • "Make this course publicly visible (student data will remain private)"
  • Click on the "Update Course Details" button.
  • You may choose to keep your course publicly viewable. Anyone with the URL can view the course.
    View a video tutorial  of these instructions
For information about publicly viewable Canvas courses, visit the information page