Viewing and Using the Gradebook

Canvas has a gradebook tool that helps you keep track of students’ scores on individual assignments and their grades within the class as a whole.

  • Log in to Canvas.
  • Select a course from the dropdown menu.
  • Select Grades from the left-hand sidebar.

The gradebook lists each student in your course, and for each student shows their grade on each assignment, their grade within each assignment group, and their total grade.

  • Choose which of columns you want to view by selecting the arrow next to each heading and hiding the column. Select the hidden column to view it again.
  • Use the Options menu to customize your view of the gradebook.
    • Choose whether you want the assignment columns to be sorted by assignment group or due date.
    • Choose whether you want the student’s rows to be sorted alphabetically by name, email, or group name; or sorted by total grade, either highest to lowest or lowest to highest.
    • Change how different assignment groups are weighted.
    • View past grading activity to see when students submitted or altered their assignments.
    • Preserve students’ anonymity by removing their names from the grade sheet.
    • Choose whether assignments that have not been graded should be included in the final grade calculation. Including them will significantly decrease students’ scores.

Remember, regardless of how you view your grades, your students will be able to customize their own views of their personal grade sheets. Hiding a column on your gradebook does not prevent students from seeing that component.

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