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Using SpeedGrader to Grade Assessments

You can use the SpeedGrader tool to grade assignments submitted through Canvas.

  • Log in to Canvas.
  • Select a course from the dropdown menu.
  • Select Grades from the left-hand sidebar to view the gradebook.
  • Click the arrow next to the assignment you would like to grade.
  • Select the SpeedGrader option from the dropdown menu.

Your student’s submission will appear on the screen.

  • Choose whether you want to download the submission to view outside of Canvas.
  • Choose whether you want to mute the assignment while you grade it to prevent the student from receiving notifications about the status of the assignment in the grading process until you choose to unmute it. This can be helpful if you may use a curve or if the student’s grade will be uncertain for any other reason. Your student will be able to see that the assignment has been muted.
  • Choose how you would like to order students’ submissions.
  • Choose whether you want the submissions to be anonymous as you grade.
  • Add annotations to the submission. To learn more about annotations, click here.
  • Enter the grade in the appropriate field when you finish reviewing the assignment.
  • Submit comments to your students to provide additional feedback.
    • Enter comments directly in the field by typing.
    • Enter comments using the speech recognition tool, which records your voice and enters the words you say as text in the comment box.
    • Upload a file from your computer to attach to your comment.
    • Attach a media comment. Either record a video or audio file using your computer’s webcam or internal microphone, or select a video or audio file that you have already recorded to upload.
  • Use the arrows next to the student’s name to view another student’s submission when you finish grading the first submission.
  • Click the student’s name to view a dropdown menu of all your students and select one of the students from the list. A note appears next to each name when you scroll over it, indicating whether the student has submitted the assignment and whether the assignment has been completed.

Click here to learn how to enter grades for assessments submitted outside of Canvas.

Click here to learn how to view the gradebook and organize students' grades.