Workshops and Consultations

Managing Student Groups

You can split students into groups for different purposes like working on projects, holding discussions, or studying.

  • Log into Canvas.
  • Select your course from the dropdown menu.
  • Select People from the left-hand sidebar.
  • Click the View Student Groups button.
  • Click the Make a New Set of Groups button to add a set of groups to your course.
  • Choose whether to require students to be in groups according to their sections.
  • Choose whether you want Canvas to automatically divide your students into a given number of groups, whether you want to assign students to groups manually, or whether you want students to choose their groups themselves.
  • Click the Create Category button when you have made your selections.

If you have chosen self sign-up, Canvas will create the number of groups entered and students will sign up on their own.
If you have chosen random assignment, Canvas will create the number of groups entered and randomly assign students to each group.
If you have chosen to manually create and assign groups, you will be able to manually create groups and move students into those groups.

  • Click the plus icon to add each new group.
  • Click and drag the students listed in the Unassigned box into the groups.
  • Choose whether you want to allow Canvas to randomly assign students to groups instead of manually placing students in groups.
  • Use the tabs to navigate the different sets of groups and the different groups within each set.
  • Click on the name of a group to navigate to that group’s site and view its content and discussions.
  • Click the pencil icon to edit a group or set of groups.
  • Click the trash icon to discard a group or set of groups.