Creating Surveys

Canvas allows you to make quizzes and surveys that your students can take through the site.

  • Log into Canvas.
  • Select a course from the dropdown menu.
  • Select Quizzes from the left-hand sidebar.
  • Click the Create a New Quiz button.
  • Use the dropdown menu to classify the assignment as a survey.
  • Enter the name of the survey in the field.
  • Choose whether you want student responses to be anonymous.
  • Choose whether you want to allow students to view their previous answers and whether those answers were correct, or whether you prefer to block that information.
  • Choose whether you want students to have only one opportunity to complete the survey once they begin.
  • Give your survey a due date to add it to the course calendar.
  • Lock the survey after the due date to enforce the due date.
  • Click the Save Settings button when you are finished.
  • Enter the instructions for the survey in the content box.
  • Select the New Question link to begin adding questions to the survey.
  • Enter a title for the question.
  • Use the dropdown menu to choose what type of question you would like to ask.
  • Select the number of points the question should be worth
  • Enter the question, and enter as many alternate answers as you like.
  • Click the Update Questions button when you are finished.
  • Click the Save Settings button to save the survey.
  • Select Preview the Quiz to view the survey as your students will see it on Canvas.
  • Click the Keep Editing This Survey button when you are finished previewing the survey.
  • Click the Publish Quiz button when your survey is complete to make it available to your students.

When you create a survey, it will appear in your gradebook. Learn how to manage students' grades here.

When students submit their surveys, you can grade them through Canvas using the SpeedGrader tool. Learn how here.

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