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The Teaching with Technology site will no longer be used. Please visit the IT Knowledgebase and search the articles to learn more about Canvas other course tools.

Click on the Settings link on the top-right corner of the 
main Canvas page.

You can view your current settings and click the Edit Settings button to make changes.

You can also select other web services to add to your Canvas account. We recommend that you add your Google Docs account so that you can use the Collaborations tool and work with other students on a shared document. Adding Facebook will authorize Canvas to send course notifications to your Facebook account. Remember, these settings are not permanent — they can be changed later.

After viewing these options, click the Notifications tab on the left side of the screen.

Here, you see a long list of notification types, each having a variety of settings. To add your cell phone number or another email address, click the Add Contact Method button on the right portion of the screen.

You may elect to be notified through different mediums, such as email, text messaging, and Facebook. You may also select the frequency with which you will receive different notifications: right away, daily, weekly or never. You must have at least one ‘right away’ preference.