Academic Services Gateway

What is the Gateway?

The CIS Academic Services Gateway provides the Brown teaching community with centralized access to technology services that can be used to enhance the classroom experience. 

You will be able to:
 Upload your syllabus for students to preview.
This will automatically update Course Preview Pages and the Syllabus link in Banner.
Request instructional tools (see below)
Keep track of your requests

(you will need to log in with your Brown username and password)

When you log in, you will see a list of the courses for which you are the "Instructor of record." 
If you are not the instructor, you may request tools on his or her behalf. In the Courses Panel, select the Courses Not Listed Here? link. In the Course Picker pop-up window, select the Term, Department, and Course, then click the Submit button. 
To make a request, select a course from the list, then select one of two tabs that appear.

1) Select Syllabus & Course Info to upload your syllabus (Word, PDF or plain text) and add more information about your class to what is already supplied by the registrar.

2) Select Course Tools to request any of the tools that we offer. You will need to fill out the appropriate form for each tool.

What Can I Request?

Blogs are an online publishing platform that allows members of the course to quickly and easily communicate on the web through text, images, audio, and video.

Canvas is a course management system that enables instructors to connect with students in a user-friendly online environment. 

Class email lists allow you to broadcast messages to all students in your course.

iClickers are part of a handheld radio-frequency response system that allows anonymous and specific polling and question-and-answer sessions in the classroom.

Wikis can be thought of as combinations of a Web site and a Word document. Their real power lies in the fact that groups can collaboratively work on the content of the site using nothing but a standard web browser.

Online Course Reserves (OCRA) is a library service used to place books and other physical media on reserve and to create electronic reserves.

iTunes at Brown (iT@B) allows instructors to create iTunes U course sites on a Apple-hosted server

Google Course Groups can be used as a course email address; to easily assign permissions to Google Documents or Collections; or as a way to allow non-Brown members access to your materials.

How Can These Tools Be Used For Teaching?

Whether you want to collaborate on a writing assignment, incorporate audio/video into your Canvas site or get immediate feedback from your students, we can provide you with the right tool, but more importantly, the right reason to use the tool!
We encourage you to utilize the Gateway to upload a syllabus, edit your Course Preview Page and keep track of all of your service requests. 

Who Can I Contact For Help?

The Gateway pages are designed to always provide you with a point of contact should any questions or problems arise.

Once you log in to the Gateway you will see the contact information of your Instructional Technologist, your Information Technology Support Contact (ITSC), and your Subject Librarian:

Please contact your Instructional technologist for help with the Academic Services Gateway.