Schedule and Location

*All plenary lectures are held at Foxboro in the Kassar House. 
*Student presentations will be held in Foxboro, as well as in Kassar 105, the common room, and 205.
*Poster Presentation are held in the lounge of Kassar.
*Scroll down to see the map.

 Event:        Time:Details: 
 Check-in   9:00AM   Kassar House
 1st Talk     9:30AM   
Speaker: Gelonia Dent
Kassar-Foxboro Auditorium 
 2nd Talk  10:30AM  
Speaker: Stuart Geman
Kassar-Foxboro Auditorium 
 Student Talks11:30AMGrace Cavanaugh, Kassar House 105
Mitchell Wortsman, Kassar House 205
Rajita Chandak, Kassar-Foxboro Auditorium
Ilya Marchenka, Kassar Common Room
 Lunch Break    12:00PMLocal Restaurants
 Student Talks    1:30PMRichard Bielak, Kassar House 105
Julia Vasile, Kassar House 205
Ellie Thieu, Kassar-Foxboro Auditorium
 2:00PMBreak, Common Room
Math Graduate School Panel, Foxboro Auditorium 
Poster Session /Break  2:30PMKassar House Common Room
 3rd Talk   3:00PM
Speaker: Adriana Salerno
Kassar-Foxboro Auditorium 
 4th Talk4:00PM
Speaker: Catherine Buell
Kassar-Foxboro Auditorium 
 Banquet5:30PMSharpe Refectory, Chancellor's Dining Room