1. Is it necessary to register for the conference?
Yes. Even if you want to attend only one or two lectures and not to be involved with the entire symposium, we still encourage 
you to register. Registration is easy - it takes only a minute. Having everyone register goes a long way towards ensuring that 
the symposium runs smoothly.

2. I would like to present in the conference, do I have to talk about my research? 
Not necessarily. We encourage presentations based on student research, but we also accept expository talks. 

3. When will I find out if my presentation has been accepted?
About two-three weeks before the conference, we will send you an email indicating whether or not your presentation has been accepted.

4. How do I increase the chance of being selected as a speaker?
We select our student speakers based on the abstracts and descriptions of the presentation. The talk does not have
to be related to the topic of the conference, but it is a plus if it is. If the talk is based on original research, and the
work has been uploaded to arXiv or published in refereed journals, please provide the reference of the work. 
We recommend applying (using the "registration" link on the homepage) as early as you can. 

5. What is the expected dress code for presenters?
There is no required attire, but many presenters in previous years have come dressed business casual.

6. I am traveling a large distance, is lodging available over Friday night?
We are normally able to pair everyone who needs lodging with a student host, who will provide housing in their room for Friday 
night. We make every effort to ensure we have enough student hosts.  We will email you about your housing 
status as soon as it's been determined.

7. I am interested in coming to your symposium. Will you be providing transportation to and from Brown?
Transportation is essentially up to you. If you are a student, your home department is usually able to help sponsor your trip. 
If you still need help, we may be able to provide partial reimbursement; contact the SUMS committee to ask about this possibility.

8. What meals are you providing?
Registered participants will be invited to a banquet dinner on Saturday evening. There is no cost to attend the banquet (but you 
need to register!).  Light breakfast refreshments will be served prior to the first lecture on Saturday. 

9. How much math do I need to know in order to understand the conference?
For the lectures we assume fluency with vector calculus and linear algebra.  
But the level of mathematical sophistication should 
never discourage you from attending a lecture, because our lecturers are excellent communicators who are aware of the 
diverse set of backgrounds represented in their audiences.

10. I want to present a talk. How much time do I have to do so and who will be my audience?
Presentations should not exceed 20 minutes, 15 minutes preferably, which will leave some time for questions.
 Your primary 
audience will be composed of your fellow math and science interested undergraduates.  Remember that  they come from a 
diverse set of mathematical and scientific backgrounds and plan your presentation accordingly.

11. I'll be driving to Brown. Where can I park my car?
We will send out parking instructions in an email several days before the conference.

12. I am not an undergraduate student. Can I participate in the Symposium?
Absolutely - just register!