Transfer Credit Advisor


 The procedure is actually rather standard, and approval is quickest via e-mail (

  1. collect the detailed syllabi for the courses you have taken (if I need more detailed info, I will let you know),
  2. let me know the equivalent course at Brown (if applicable).
  3. read these instructions, especially point 22.
  4. Fill out the first 2 pages of this transfer credit form (and read the instructions!) scan and e-mail me the first two pages of the transfer credit form, and include the syllabi.
  5. Let me know if you are a concentrator, or may in the future become one.

If you prefer, you can drop off all the required material above (in an envelope) in a labeled box across from my office. They can then be picked up in the pick-up box (Note for first two weeks of classes: Complete requests dropped off by Tuesday 2pm will be available for pickup by Thursday 4pm )

Note for concentrators:

  •  If you are requesting concentration credit for a course in mathematics, please note that you are required to get the signature of the transfer credit advisor in the Math department before requesting concentration credit in economics for the course.
  • In order to complete the process of transferring concentration credits, a copy of the completed transfer credit/study abroad form should be left with Angelica Vargas (Office: Robinson Hall 103D, Email:
  • If you want transfer credit for study abroad, you may have to decide which courses you would like as concentration credit, and which as graduation credit only, and let me know (see webpage in step 3 above for rules).


See these instructions . If you have A-levels, e-mail the Transfer Credit Advisor at with your A level information, including score, for possible waiver on a case by case basis.