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The Winter's Tale

Directed by Leah Mann, 2003

Bohemian Court, Year 42
Bohemian Shepherd's Home, Year 42
Sicilian Court, Year 27
Sicilian Court, Year 42 and a few days

The Winter’s Tale is known primarily as a problem play. We like problems, so we did it anyway. If you like the show, great! If not, sorry. Either way, go read Shakespeare’s version, because we cut it a lot and it’s good to read new things. [Director exits pursued by a bear.]

Special Thanks to the Theatre Department, Tim Hett, the Stuart Shop, PW, Trinity Rep, 202 Transit, Residents of Wayland, 14 Euclid, The Gaggle, Ezra Flam, Michael McGarty, Laura Smith, and everyone else we love.

Officer Susie "Peaches and Cream" Abraham
Lady Melissa "My eyebrows aren't really blue" Bertenthal
Leontes Matt "The one-man band" Biagini
Perdita Rachel "I slept my way to the top" Bonds
Camilla Sarah "Laughter like an orgasm" Bowman
Hermione Kate "The duck" Brackney
Time Ashley "The Swatchmeister" Branca
Mamillius Elissa "Circus freak" Brown
Drummer Brian "Call me butter 'cause I'm on a roll" Christian
Paulina Debbie "Shut up or I'll eat your children" Friedman
Autolycus Sarah "Sara" Goldstein
Mopsa Tess "I ate the prom" Lynch
Florizel Seth "I'm not Jack but I look like him" Meyer
Emilia Katie "Muffy" O'Connor
Polixenes Tony "Danza" Rykowski
Mariner Simon "Why am I Scottish?" Salgado
Antigonus Patrick "Michael" Sheehan
Clown Gavin "Mc" Shulman
Shepherd Jason "Sir Phobos, Knight of Mars, Beater of Ass" Sobel
Dorcas Jessica "I own a whip" Tooker
Bear Mac "I'll just eat your children" Vaughey

Set Designer Ben "Henry" Clarendon
Costume Assistant Emily "Sub-bust" Drumsta
Props Designer Kate "Prop girl" Dumouchel
Production Manager Christie "Marzipan" Gibson
Director Leah "She's not a" Mann
Stage Manager "Exit, pursued by a" Blair Nelsen
Super-helper-outer Lealah "Super-helper-outer" Pollock
Costume Design Ollie "Don't shake the baby" Rasini
Assistant Stage Manager Alicia "Oh my GENTLE Jesus" Ridenour