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Romeo and Juliet

Directed by Jessy Lewis and Caitlin Marshall, 2003

Juliet Liz Parrott
Lord Capulet Michael Benn
Lady Capulet Emily Fox
Nurse Blanche Case
Tybalt Austin Campion
Paris Elias Donovan
Peter Dan Perry
Tex Matthew Madison
Capulet Babe Ashley Schomer

Romeo Elan Gepner
Mercutio Mojo Lorwin
Benvolio Brian Faas
Sampson John McCutcheon
Gregory Anthony Halperin
Balthasar Jed Resnick
Lady Montague Gloria Huwiler
Montague Chick Leslie Robin
Montague Bird Jackie Chen

Friar Lawrence Steven Levenson
Prince Roophy Roy
Friar John Durdles (a.k.a. Alex Clifford)
Apothecary Andy Hertz

Directors Jessy Lewis & Caitlin Marshall
Stage Manager Jo Suh
Production Manager Lauren Robbins
Assistant Director Ezra Flam
Technical Director Caroline Merighi
Set Design Richard Marshall
Fight Choreographer Dov Lebowitz-Nowak
Choreographers Lynnette Freeman & Jenn Johnson
Soundtrack Contributors Caitlin Marshall, Jessy Lewis, Scott Franco, Evan Hammer, David Meyers, Jacob Wallenberg
Door Maids Jenny Gold, Maura Finigan

Special thanks to: Will Dewitt, Farra Ungar, and Weldon Ledbetter. Without you there was a show. xo Jed

Allen & Rhode Island Taxi, Brittany Bagley, Car Donors, Department of Traffic Engineering, Maura Finigan, Food Services, Jenny Gold, Vanessa Gonzalez, Adam Immerwahr, Dean Inman, Diana Jeffery, Steve Kidd, Sophie Klein, the Lewi, Deborah Lister, Mamma and Papa Marshall, Steven Morin, Peggy Nardacci, Phil O’Hara, Catherine Pappas, Michael Perlman, Dan Perry, Police and Securities, Risk Management, Julie Rubenstein, Patrick Vetere