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Richard III

Directed by Ryan Maxwell, 2001

King Edward IV / Richard, Duke of York, Son to Edward IV - Hilary Detmold
George, Duke of Clarence / Henry, Earl of Richmond - Gregory Machlin
Richard, Duke of Gloucester (later Richard III) - Harry Barandes
Elizabeth, Queen of Edward IV - Alison Bodenstab
Marquess of Dorset, Son to Elizabeth - Sachi Elena Taussig
Lord Grey / Edward, Prince of Wales, Son to Edward IV - Abi Hobbs
Margaret, Widow of Henry VI - Sophie Klein
Lady Anne, Widow of Edward, formerly Prince of Wales, Son to Henry VI - Stephanie Wang
Lord Hastings - Jessica Wilson
Lord Stanley, Earl of Derby - Lorin Fries
Lord Buckingham - Seth Holmes
Ratcliffe / Murderer - Alec O'Neill
Catesby / Murderer - Erica Becks
Brakenbury / Mayor of London / Bishop of Ely - David Jimenez

Director - Ryan Maxwell
Assistant Director - Lauren Edgar
Stage Manager - Cynthia Der
Production Manager - Allison Geffner

Special thanks to Sandra Laub, Seth Bockley, Dr. Lynne Maxwell, C. Alexander London, Jake Hart, the custodian in Metcalf, Marcus Aurelius Antonius, Duncan Smith and Floyd, Tekken, and our heavenly Father.