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A Midsummer Night's Dream

Directed by Lila Rose Kaplan, 2001

'Tis almost fairy time...

Directed by Lila Rose Kaplan

Music Composed by Magen Tracy

For Daphne - who loved to sing when she thought no one was listening

Oberon/Theseus - Daniel Levine
Titania/Hippolyta - Kristen Sandberg
Puck/Philostrate - Adam Lewis
Peaseblossom - Rebecca Melsky
Cobweb - Laura Wood
Mustardseed - Rebecca Miller
Demetrius - Josh Green
Helena - Didi Ilkson
Lysander - Dov Lebowitz-Nowak
Hermia - Courtney Naliboff
Peter Quince/Egeus - Alden Eagle
Francis Flute - Rebecca Bradburd
Nick Bottom - Anthony Rykowski
Snug - Elizabeth Parrott
Sage - James Egelhofer
Clover - Tanja Manners
Mote - Charlotte Arrington
Walnut - Blodgett
Saffron -Benjamin Asriel
Dandelion - Gayle Macdonald
Fairy Choir - Brown'sTones

A crew of patches
Stage Manager - Nicole Fischler
Musical Director - James Egelhofer
Costume Designer - Izzy Grinspan
Dramaturg - Didi Ilkson
Fairy Makeup - Lauren Fine
Production Manager - Allison M. Geffner
Costume Construction - Rita Marie Tirpak
Fairy Furniture - Erin Galey
Vocal Coach - Seth Bockley
Fairy Coordinator - Gayle Macdonald

Special Thanks
The Mom and Dad, Jenny April, Christopher Sanderson, John Emigh, Jarrod Fischer, Kerry Silva, Holly Bisbee, PW Board, BTs, Dots, Ed Grinspan , Becky Low, Elaine Farber, NFM the Monkey, PACE.

Philomel with melody
Sing in our sweet lullaby
Lulla Lullaby Lulla Lullaby
Never Harm, Nor Spell, Nor Charm
Come our lovely lady nigh
So good night, with lullaby