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Edward II

The Troublesome Reign and Lamentable Death of Edward the Second, King of England, with the Tragical Fall of Proud Mortimer

By Christopher Marlowe
Directed by Emily Toner '10

In Starr Plaza (The Green Space Behind the Watson Institute with the Bamboo)

King Edward II- Ted Cava '11
Gaveston- Jonathan Migliori '11
Queen Isabella- Seicha Turnbull '11
Young Mortimer- Nick Schoenfeld '10
Warwick/Lightborn- Zachary McCune '10
Lancaster/Leicester- Jill Griffith '10
Pembroke/Gurney- Andrea Dillon '11
Elder Mortimer/Matrevis Earl of Arundel- Nicholas Rosholt '10
Edmund Earl of Kent- Matthew Varley '09
Spencer- Phil Arevalo '11
Prince Edward (King Edward III)- Shana Tinkle '11
Archbishop of Canterbury/Bishop of Winchester- Aaron Wee '10
Sir John/James/Soldier/Lord- Rich Ellis '10

Production Team
Director- Emily Toner '10
Assistant Director- Sofia Pellon '10
Stage Manager- Alice Huang '10
Assistant Stage Manager- Allison Wentz '11
Costume Designer- Benedict Landgren Mills '10
Fight Choreographer- Adam Lubitz '09
Production Manager/Board Liaison- Amanda Glassman '08
Technical Assistant- Arik Beatty '10
Poster Design- Zachary McCune '10

Director's Note
A contemporary of William Shakespeare, Christopher Marlowe remains to this day a man ridden with controversy. He is known today for his rebellious, wild life story, filled with contradictions and scandal. He has been accused of being an atheist, a homosexual, a traitor, and a dangerous free-thinker. Some have argued that he was a deeply religious and pious individual. Others have insisted that he was a crazed, treasonous degenerate Only a year before Marlowe was stabbed to death in a bar fight, Edward II (c. 1592), one of his last and most complex works, appeared in print. In Edward II, Marlowe presents the audience with a play that, like his life, can only be understood through its paradoxes. King Edward is at the same time both the weak ruler whom his lords implicate and the tragic, sympathetic figure who only wishes for love. Edward and his lover Gaveston have strong beautiful ties, yet their relationship is twisted by moments of cruelty and manipulation. EdwardÕs enemy, Mortimer, likewise is both the righteous defender of England and the murderous, ambitious plotter, straddling both sides. In this production, the actors are transformed as well through their dual roles,shifting from characteristics of rebellion to clemency, of brutishness to elegance, of kindness to malice, as they change parts. Christopher Marlowe depicts the extremes of people, pushing the playÕs language and narrative into a passionate and visceral realm. He unbalances the audience, and as the violence unfolds, so does the painful reality of these contradictions.

Special Thanks to:
Shakespeare on the Green Board, Allissa Wickham, Arik Beatty, Brown University Costume Shop, SAO, Alpha Delta Phi, Suite 240