S4 Fellow Support

S4 is keen to support the ongoing use and application of spatial analysis tools in S4 Fellow research.  Aside from informal mentoring and training, S4 offers the following:

Conference/Training Funding: Up to five grants of $500 each will be awarded on a competitive basis.  These are intended for S4 Fellows presenting a research paper using GIS or spatial analysis methods or to defray costs associated with taking part in a training workshop, institute, or short course.

To apply, please submit:
Basic information (what, when, where)
A copy of your paper abstract and title, if applicable
A short (200-250 word) explanation how this experience will be helpful
An estimated budget and an indication whether you have other sources of funding
If seeking financial assistance for a training course, please provide a short description of the course and its use to you

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year.  Materials should be submitted to Rachel Franklin

S4 Fellow Paper of the Year Award: This prize will be given for a graduate student paper that employs spatial analysis/thinking or GIS.  The submission deadline is March 25, 2016.  Only complete papers will be judged, but it's fine for manuscripts to be in draft format (or even recently published).  The winner will give his/her paper in late spring as part of the S4 speaker series and will receive a prize of $500.  We'll also have a festive reception in honor of the winner after his/her talk.  I know many of you are writing papers - why not submit them?  To be considered for the prize, simply email me a pdf of your paper by the deadline.  Papers co-authored with others students are fine, but not with faculty.