At the GIS institute you will learn to manage spatial data, conduct geographic analysis, and communicate spatial concepts. Our goals for the institute are to teach you to:
  • Make maps and communicate about spatial patterns
  • Create, edit, and query spatial data
  • Conduct sophisticated spatial analysis including spatial regression analysis and other techniques.

The two week long Institute is an immersion in Geographic Information Systems as well as an opportunity to integrate spatial data and concepts into ongoing research. Expertise from across the university will be brought together to provide training and background in GIS and related tools and techniques.

Core Instructors

  • Michelle Marcus and Tom Marlow: Spatial Statistics
  • Lynn Carlson: DEM and Field data
  • John Logan: Spatial Analysis, Demography, Research with Spatial/Geography themes
  • Rachel Franklin: GIS, Spatial Analysis, Spatial Statistics
  • Bruce Boucek: ArcGIS training
  • Yi Qi: Programming in R and Python