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Inscriptions and Calligraphy

Ancient Graffiti Project. Site for the study of ancient Roman graffiti from Herculaneum and Pompeii.

Ancient Scripts: "A compendium of world-wide writing systems from prehistory to today.

Anonymous scribe. Pausanius. Works. Folio 188v. ca. 1470. Leiden University.
Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents. Includes links to online collections.

Omniglot: "The online encyclopedia of writing systems and language."

Paleography: Reading Old Handwriting 1500-1800. "A practical online tutorial" from the National Archives (UK). Dedicated to the study of ancient papyrological documents.              

Special Collections Resource Center at Syracuse University: Antiquarian Books. Includes rare printed books, medieval manuscripts, cuneiform tablets and more.

Written in Stone: Inscriptions from the National Museum of Saudi Arabia.