19th and Early 20th Century Art

1913 Armory Show: The Story in Primary Sources. From Smithsonian Institution.

Barnes Foundation Collection Online. Allows works to be compared by color, light, space, and keyword.

Documenting Art Collections in Gilded Age New York. Digital facsimiles and an online exhibition relating to private art collections in New York at the turn of the 20th century.

F. W. Sargent Papers, 1854-1960. Finding aid from the Archives of American Art. Father of John Singer Sargent.

Barnum and Company Circus poster by anonymous artist., ca. 1872-1881.
Galerie Heinemann Online: Records of the Munich art dealer Galerie Heinemann with focus on the period from 1890 to 1939.

Girodet: Romantic Rebel. Exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago.

Goethe's Theory of Colors. Full text of 1840 available on the Internet Archive.

Nineteenth Century Art Source Page: compiled by Christopher L. C. E. Whitcombe.

Queen Victoria's Journals. Includes the Queen's own illustrations.

Research at MOMA: Contemporary and Modern Art Perspectives (C-MAP). Research initiative at MOMA "driven by a desire to deepen the Museum's expertise and to expand the criteria by which quality in works of art and artistic movements is defined."

Rethinking Guernica. Online open-access library of  more than 2000 documents related to the Picasso anti-war painting, from the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid.

San Francisco Women Artists Records, 1925-1999. Finding aid in the Archives of American Art.

Science Gossip. Site asks users to help classify illustrations that appeared in Victorian natural history periodicals.

Tate Archive. Previously unpublished British artists' materials.

"This Kiss to the Whole World": Klimt and the Vienna Secession. Online exhibition from the New York Art Resources Consortium.

Twentieth Century Art Source Page: compiled by Dr. Christopher L. C. E. Whitcombe of Bryn Mawr College.

Victorian Visual Culture. Blog at Mount Holyoke College about miscellaneous aspects of 19th century visual culture.

William Blake Archive. Hypermedia archive sponsored by the Library of Congress.