Islamic Art & Architecture

Aga Khan Visual Archive: Architecture, Urbanism and Built Environment of the Islamic World.

Aerial Photographic Guide for Archaeology in the Middle East (APAAME). Includes over 70,000 images and maps, principal focus is Jordan.

Arab Image Foundation. Non-profit organization whose mission is to collect photographs from the Middle East, North Africa and the Arab diaspora.

Archives of Middle Eastern Aerial Photographs. Sites compiled by the University of Western Australia School of Humanities.

Archnet: "Online community for architects, planners, urban designers...with a focus on Muslim cultures." Includes CAD files that
Bahram Gur in the Sandalwood Pavilion. 'Abd al'Wahhab ibn 'Abd al-Fattah ibn 'Ali, Yar Muhammad al-Haravi, Nizami Ganjavi. Safavid miniature, 1516/18th century. Walters Art Museum.
 may be downloaded free for educational purposes.

Archnet Pedagogy Collection. Resources for people teaching Islamic art and architecture.

Art and the Arab Spring. Collection of resources compiled by Brown University professor and librarian Ian Straughn.

Barjeel Art Foundation. "United Arab Emirates based initiative to manage, preserve, and exhibit the personal art collection of Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi". Part of the Google Cultural Institute.

Casselman Archive of Islamic and Mudejar Architecture in Spain. University of Wisconsin Digital Collections.

Chester Beatty Library Image Gallery. Includes many Islamic manuscripts.

Constructing the Study of Islamic Art by Oleg Grabar. Full text of four volume set available online at Archnet.

Islamic Art Source Page: website compiled by Dr.  Christopher L. C. E. Witcombe of Bryn Mawr College.

Islamic Books: A Research Blog about Manuscripts, Printed Books, and Ephemera in Arabic Script.

Know the Alhambra.

Muqarnas: An Annual on the Visual Culture of the Islamic World. Full text articles available online at Archnet.

Netherlands Institute in Istanbul Machiel Kiel Photographic Archive. Pertaining mainly to Ottoman architecture of the Balkans, photographed from the 1960s to 1990s.

Nicholas V. Artamanoff Collection. Photographs taken in Istanbul and of five archaeological sites in Turkey from 1935 to 1945. Dumbarton Oaks Exhibition.

Qantara: Mediterranean Heritage. "Aims to contribute to mutual understanding and dialogue among Mediterranean cultures by highlighting their cultural heritage."

The Secret Cities of Yemen. Blog post displaying spectacular photos of the stunning and largely unknown architecture of Yemen.

Sites in 3D: Panoramic views of buildings in many different countries, including many Islamic sites.

Turkish Cultural Foundation. 

Written in Stone: Inscriptions from the National Museum of Saudi Arabia.