African Art & Architecture

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Africa: Traditional Architecture & Urbanism. "Open discussion among architectural and urban design professionals of African heritage."

African Architecture and Design: A Hub for African Architecture, Design and Eco-friendly Development.

African Architecture Matters. "Non-profit organization that collects and disseminates knowledge on the African built environment."

African Art: Aesthetics and Meaning Online Exhibition Catalog.

African Art and Architecture Pinterest site.  Includes some of the pieces illustrated in A History of Africa by Monica Blackmun Visoná and Early Art and Architecture of Africa by Peter Garlake. Compiled by Steve Tatum, Visual Resources Curator at Virginia Tech.

African Art Museum: Online reference to the artistic styles of Africa.

African Art Source Page: compiled by Dr. Christopher L. C. E. Whitcombe of Bryn Mawr College.

African Life Through Art. Online exhibition from the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

African Voices. Site about African culture from the Smithsonian Institution.

Africaserver:  Virtual gallery of African artists living in The Netherlands.

Afriphoto. "Le projet photographique d'Africultures." Site about African photography, in French.

Afrique Noire Arts. Virtual museum about traditional African arts. : Le guide de l'Algérie à l'affiche." Arts and literature of Algeria. In French.

ArchiAfrika: "Our Mission is to broaden the discourse on Africa's built environment to encompass the role of socio-cultural design inspired development."

Aluka: Building a Digital Library of Scholarly Resources from and about Africa. Brown users: see university library site for full access.

Arab Image Foundation. Non-profit organization whose mission is to collect photographs from the Middle East, North Africa and the Arab diaspora.

Art of Burkina Faso. Site by Christopher D. Roy, Professor of Art History, The University of Iowa.

Artheos: African art virtual gallery.

Basel Mission Photo Archive, USC Libraries.  "Photographs taken at the intersection of European, African, and Asian cultures from 1850 to 1950."

Biennale Dak'Art. International festival of contemporary African art, organized biannually in Dakar, Senegal.

Contemporary African Art Gallery. Commercial gallery with images of current and previous shows.

Cutting to the Essence, Shaping for the Fire. Yoruba and Akan art in wood and metal. Catalog of an exhibit at the Lakeview Museum of Arts and Sciences in Peoria, Illinois in 1994.

A Day in the Life of Africa. "One day in Africa as seen by 100 photographers."

Historical Museum of Abomey. Museum created by the French colonial administration in 1943 to preserve the civilization of Abomey, the capital of the ancient kingdom of Dahomey.

Ijele: Art eJournal of the African World. Online subscription journal of contemporary art and architecture, art history and criticism.

Le Masque au Burkina Faso. Online exhibition of African masks. Site in French.

Modern African Art: A Basic Reading List. Compiled by Janet L. Stanley. Smithsonian Institution site.

Museum for African Art. Museum in New York City.

Numibia. Database about sub-Saharan African art developed by l'école du patrimoine africain. Site in French.

Ousmane Sow. Contemporary Senegalese artist's official web site.

Qantara: Mediterranean Heritage. "Aims to contribute to mutual understanding and dialogue among Mediterranean cultures by highlighting their cultural heritage."

[RE] Connecting with Colonial Architecture. "Creating a digital repository for sources on European colonial architecture and planning (1850-1970)."

Royal Museum for Central Africa. Museum in Tervuren, Belgium.

Through the Eyes of Children. Organization that began as an effort to teach photography to children orphaned by the 1994 Rwandan genocide.

Tropenmuseum. Museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands.