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Pathways Linking Education and Health in Middle Adulthood (EDHLTH)

Study dates: 2004-2007

Funding provided by NIA (AG023397)

PI: Buka


Overall aims: Through primary data collection and secondary data analyses: 1) determine the impact of education on sub-clinical health conditions by assessing a theoretically-based set of biological precursors of disease (biomarkers); 2) establish the association between education and chronic health conditions, self-rated health, and established behavioral risk factors for disease; and 3) investigate the extent to which the education-health association is mediated by functional literacy skills.


Sample: 914 selected, 618 interviewed


Key Documentation

Sample Selection

Code Book

Master Interview

Complete Content Listing



  1. SES - Socioeconomic Status – race/occupation
  2. SED - Socioeconomic Status – education
  3. GHK - General Health Knowledge
  4. HB1 - Health Behaviors (first half)
  5. HLC - Health Locus of Control
  6. ERG - Emotion Regulation
  7. SOC - Sense of Control
  8. TPR - Time Preference
  9. TIP - TIPI Personality
  10. LOV - Love Measure / Altruism
  11. CBP - Clinical Assessment – blood pressure
  12. CBD - Clinical Assessment – blood draw
  13. CAM - Clinical Assessment – anthropometric measures
  14. PFL - Clinical Assessment – peak lung flow
  15. HLT - Health and Illness
  16. ANX - Anxiety – MMPI
  17. ANG - Anger/Hostility
  18. CDP - Depression CESD
  19. INC - Socioeconomic Status – income
  20. RCL - Woodcock Johnson – story recall
  21. DIR - Woodcock Johnson – understanding directions
  22. PCM - Woodcock Johnson – passage comprehension
  23. LTR - LOT-R Life Orientation
  24. DOP - Dutch Optimism Scale
  25. NUM - Numeracy - Lipkus
  26. HB2 - Health Behaviors (second half)
  27. TEM - Tempra Example
  28. OPT - Other Pathways
  29. GAD - Generalized Anxiety Disorder - diagnostic
  30. CDB - Social Phobia – CIDI short form
  31. FHS - Family History
  32. DEP - Depression - diagnostic
  33. SRS - Stress Role Strain
  34. SON - Social Networks
  35. SSP - Social Support
  36. HEQ - Ending Questions / Conclusions
  37. FWS - Final Words


Additional Documentation

EdHealth Final Grant

Quality Control Documents

Data Cleaning Log Book

Biomarker Data Cleaning Summary

Biomarker Data Cleaning Log Book

Spielberger Anger Manual



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