Welcome to the New England Family Study!

The New England Family Study (NEFS) is a long running investigation aimed at identifying risk factors of several medical issues of adulthood that may have genetic and early developmental childhood origins.  The primary goal of the NEFS is to improve understanding of the effects of pregnancy, in-utero exposures, and birth complications on a wide range of adult health outcomes, and ultimately, to expand on identification and detection of risk factors that may help prevent and treat some of the illnesses that impact individuals and society.  This historic project is a follow-up study to the Collaborative Perinatal Project (CPP), which was conducted from 1959-1966 in twelve cities throughout the United States. Click HERE to find out more about the CPP. 

The NEFS is a unique cohort which offers a rare opportunity for investigation into neuropsychiatric and medical disorders; with the help of cohort members, the NEFS will continue this long term follow-up study of health and development for years to come.

Most documents on the CPP and NEFS websites are available to all website visitors. Data files and a small number of text documents are made available to a limited set of qualified researchers, requiring written requests and approval. Pending approval, Level 2 clearance provides access to all remaining text documents and CPP datafiles. Level 3 clearance is more restricted, is provided on a case by case basis, and is required to obtain NEFS datafiles. For additional information, email the NEFS Data Manager.

NEFS Participants, help us keep in touch by updating your contact information! As with all of our work, the NEFS team is committed to the confidentiality of all information provided. The information you provide will be viewed by senior NEFS personnel only.