The Multimedia Labs provide tools and expertise on digital tools, including interaction design, image, video and audio editing, and 3D design and fabrication.

How do I get access?

The Grad Center and Friedman Center are open to all Brown students, faculty, and staff. List Art Center and Granoff Center are available via card access.

To get card access you must complete an orientation.

What are the hours

Granoff Center

Room N320, 3rd Floor

List Art Center

Room 315, 3rd Floor

Grad Center

Room 123, Tower E
Card access only

See Granoff Center building hours.
Card access only

See List Art Center building hours.
Open access

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

You can find the labs full schedule here.

What resources are available?

Each lab is equipped with a variety of media software and various scanners, printers and other peripherals.

You can see an equipment list here.

How do I get in contact with the labs?

There are consultants on-duty in the Grad Center whenever it is open. You can also find consultants in other labs as listed here.


How can I use the Grad Center studio?

The Grad Center lab has an attached studio for video recording. There are several backgrounds available including a green screen. Please contact for access.

Reserve a time here

How do I use the large-format printer?

The Granoff Center lab a high quality large-format inkjet printer, available for student use. Before printing students need to complete a workshop. Email for details.

Reserve a time here.

How do I use the 3D printers?

The lab has several 3D printers available. Before printing students need to complete a workshop. Email for details.

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Spring Workshops:

All workshops are at 2:30pm in the Granoff MML.

2/17 - Fine Art Printing
2/24 - 3D Printing
3/3 - Fusion 360
3/10 - OnShape
3/17 - Fine Art Priniting
3/24 - Reaper
4/7 - 3D Printing
4/14 - Fine Art Printing
4/28 - AfterEffects

PASS Workshops:

2/7 - Intro Excel
2/8 - Intro Photoshop
2/9 - Intro Premiere
2/14 - Intro HTML
2/15 - Intro InDesign
2/16 - Intro FCP
2/22 - Intro Illustrator
2/23 - Advanced FCP
2/28 - Intro to Excel
2/28 - HTML/CSS

3/1 - Excel 2
3/2 - Intro to Photoshop
3/7 - jQuery
3/8 - PS for Animation
3/9 - Intro Web Design
3/14 - Intro InDesign
3/15 - Illustrator
3/16 - Adv. Web Design
3/21 - Adv. InDesign
3/22 - PS for Photo
3/23 - jQuery