Arif Hamid

Postdoctoral Fellow 
Ph.D., Neuroscience, 2016.  
University of Michigan | Ann Arbor, Michigan

Research Interests
I am interested in brain computations that underlie flexible behavioral-control and learning, specifically  dopamine and basal-ganglia mechanisms for reward-learning and motivational vigor. I combine behavioral, experimental and modeling approaches for a systems investigation of the precise anatomical, temporal and functional organization of decision-circuits in rodents.

Publications & Manuscripts

Hamid AA. (2017) Dopamine and Action Selection. Encyclopedia of Life Sciences. In Press.

Hamid AA, Pettibone JR, Mabrouk OS, Hetrick VL, Schmidt S, Vander Weele CM, Kennedy RT, Aragona BJ, and Berke JD. (2016) Mesolimbic dopamine signals the value of work. Nat Neurosci 19, 117-126. 

  • News and Views by Anne Collins and Michael Frank (Nature Neuroscience 19, 3-5, 2016)
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Resendez SL, Dome M, Gormley G, Franco D, Nevarez N, Hamid AA, Aragona BJ. (2013) mu-Opiod receptors within subregions of the striatum mediate pair bond formation through parallel yet distinct read mechanisms. Journal of Neuroscience, 33(21) 9140-9149

Mishra A, Hamid AA, Newman EA. (2011). Oxygen Modulation of neurovascular coupling in the rat retina. PNAS 108(43):17827-31

Contact Information
Email: arif_hamid[@]
Hometown: Dire Dawa, Ethiopia